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We apply effective marketing programme through presenting strategic marketing plan; before setting the plan, a market competition analysis is conducted studying the SWOT of each competitor per se, the industry and your organization.
Afterwards, communication plan is designed to communicate the message and deploy all the marketing tools such as STP and verify the highest ROI.
Also, branding plan is set in case the organization analysis necessitates branding enhancement or in case of new market entry strategies or rebranding objective.
We also conducted desk market research and filed visits market research through thorough market analysis and research associated with definite deliverables.
Also in accordance to market research and international demands and trends we establish product development plan that will inevitably reflects on sales and company positioning.

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Effective Sales management:
Managing sales effectively and efficiently is through a certain operations and procedures that has to be followed and applied in order to verify the highest sales revenues accompanied with the highest net profit.
We provides sales plan including the following; accelerating sales growth, better understand their markets and customers, differentiate themselves, improve the marketing ROI and enhance sales effectiveness.
GG also provide the organization with thorough understanding for the real sales cycle and how to manage it in alliance to the growth goals.
GG helps the organization for constructing and restructuring the sales force to verify the company’s growth and expansions goals.
The gear for motivating the sales force is the commissions and bonus GG helps you also to set the right commission and bonuses structure for the whole team in alliance to the company budget and growth goals.
Throughout the sales process there should be sales operation that supports the sales process and analyses every detail in order to provide the right information for the right decision GG helps the organization to construct and operate this department.
The effective sales programme also includes the procedures of delivering the services of the product to the client and transmit it to the customer relation phase.


Sustainable customer relation management
Customer relationship programme is crucial as main pillar for companies suitability and enhancing market share where efficient CRM enable businesses to follow up on each lead where A CRM platform enables you to track and follow up on each potential lead that comes into contact with you – via both online and offline channels. Following up with each lead on your CRM database gives your sales team an opportunity to nurture relationships and eventually turn leads into loyal customers. With strong relationships in the sales department and both current and potential customers, businesses are more likely to withstand the test of time and realize sustainable growth.
We will help organization to construct CRM programme that will improves relationship between sales and marketing teams and make every marketing activity have major impact on sales activities , also will help in providing better analytical view for individual customers, improved customer support, improve organization efficiency.

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